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What is Hypnotherapy

and how can it help me with my Anxiety and Stress?Woman spreading her arms

Many people are familiar with the term “Hypnosis”. When they hear the word, they think of people up on stage being hypnotized by a hypnotists and being mesmerized into clucking like a chicken, acting like Elvis or any number of other silly actions. This is Stage Hypnosis. It IS NOT Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis in a therapeutic session to help you unlock and tap into the power of your subconscious mind and create positive change.

We all have our own personal “Life Script” that is running on auto pilot in our subconscious brain… 24/7. This life script is similar to the operating system on your computer. You key in a command (Think a thought) and Presto! Your computer responds (you respond). Unfortunately, Your life script was written and programmed by the time you were 5-8 years of age. Your script was written by both internal and external influences and is composed of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, dialogues of your parents, grandparents,iblings, friends, teachers, even strangers. Your script was formed by all these people by how they treated you, interacted with each other. It includes their beliefs and behaviors that they demonstrated to you… whether they were good, bad or indifferent. Your subconscious processed and stored this information as a known fact that this is how your world is supposed to function and how you interact within this reality…. All this with the understanding of a 5 year old! No wonder we have Stress and Anxiety!

It has been estimated that 97% of our thoughts, as adults, are negative and are hidden in the subconscious. 61% of these thoughts were formed by the time you were 8 yrs old.

FACT: We create our reality with our thoughts. Therefore, Stress and Anxiety in your life is a direct mirror of your subconscious programming !

Hypnotherapy has proven effective in helping people rewrite their subconscious script. Through Hypnosis, we can change those old negative programs to positive, life affirming, healing programs. These changes start to take effect immediately. Your subconscious programming is positively impacted and updated. You will start to notice yourself feeling different, thinking or reacting differently. Many people report changes within a few days, others take longer to notice the changes taking place. It will take multiple sessions to help you learn your triggers, identify negative beliefs, develop anchors and retrain your brain to respond in a new and healthy manner.
Once we set the subconscious mind in a new direction, we will continue to discover triggers, beliefs and habit patterns that require  to be addressed through hypnosis. 

Anxiety and Stress is a symptom that your subconscious programming is in direct conflict with your conscious mind.  What you want for you, your life and happy-ness is not supported by your belief system (your subconscious program, aka: Life Script).
Remember that you have a belief about EVERYTHING! Whether it is about your job, relationships, money, what you deserve – struggle and hardship or praise and success. When you experience Anxiety or Stress, you will find a belief associated that needs addressed. We need to identify the belief, rewrite or remove the belief in your subconscious. As we identify these hidden beliefs and rewrite them, deeply hidden beliefs will be released bubble to the surface ready for us to release and replace them. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy has helped countless numbers of people reclaim their life, health and happiness from the jaws of Stress and Anxiety. You too can take the first step to a happier healthier life. Call now to reserve a special time just for you!

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Anxiety and Stress respond well to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Take control of your life and health, get rid of your limiting beliefs and start living with confidence, comfort and control. Call Now and take the first step to the rest of your life. (970) 667-2277

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