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Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet out there?

Do you Work out, but can’t seem to get the results you want?

Do you find it hard to muster up the willpower, motivation, energy or courage to exercise? Eat healthy?

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!    It’s your subconscious programs …. silently running on autopilot 24/7 in your mind. Your subconscious programs were written when you were a child, most of them before you were 5 yrs old! Your Conscious mind knows what you need  and want to do in order to lose the weight and create change in your life, but your subconscious programs block that change…. Without your knowledge or consent!

 Don’t despair… Hypnotherapy or Virtual Gastric Band Therapy can help !


Hypnotherapy is a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, Guided imagery and Coaching that will rewrite the negative and unhealthy programs in your mind. Thereby, allowing your conscious and subconscious minds to work in harmony to create the healthy fit body you desire.

Through the use of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, I have been very effective in helping people release those unwanted pounds, whether it be a few pounds, 25, 80 or more.

Not only will you gain a slimmer more fit body, but you will enjoy increased energy, sense of well being and sky rocketing self esteem. Oh, Did I mention your new and improved body image and Self confidence?!

My approach involves combining hypnosis, guided Imagery, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, education on herbs, supplements and dietary programs. Together we create a personalized therapy specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Note:  For those who have more than 25 lbs to lose, we will get a Medical Clearance letter from your Physician before we can proceed with the weight loss program. This is to ensure that your Physician is aware that you will be reducing weight and that they may monitor your progress, in case they need to adjust medications, monitor blood sugars, etc.

While we are waiting for the Medical Clearance Letter, we can be working on motivation, self esteem, energy, developing healthy habits and much more.
Most Doctors are thrilled to sign the Medical Clearance Letter – so let’s get started now !


Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

It is a technique I use to get the unconscious mind to believe it has had a gastric band fitted. The unconscious mind accepts that you have had a Gastric Band placed and that your stomach has reduced in size. The process doesn't involve surgery or medication, is completely safe and non-invasive. Each time you come in for a session, through hypnosis, we will adjust the Gastric Band and control the rate at which your body releases weight.


My commitment to you:

In order to achieve maximum results and enjoy a positive outcome, we work in partnership with one another. I make a personal commitment to guide you along your journey, help you discover and replace the deeply seated programming in your subconscious that has been holding you back from living your life in the body you desire and deserve. Through Hypnosis and guided Imagery, I will create positive associations in your subconscious mind that will allow your body and mind to work together to create the positive results you desire.

In regards to diets, herbs and supplements,  I am here to offer advice, based on my own personal and professional experience and research.

You will have homework  such as: listening to reinforcement recordings that I will supply, tracking your body changes, light exercise, maybe even journaling. We will create a program together that you feel works with you and your life. NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL here !

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more. I may be reached at:

robyndavischt@gmail.com  or complete the Contact form on this website.

I look forward to working with you and joining you on your journey to a new and improved you!

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