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Here are a few examples of what Clients are sharing about how Hypnotherapy has impacted their lives:
 (Obviously, due to HIPPA compliance, I can not share their name or location)



" It wasn't until I started hypnotherapy that I was able to overcme my personal challenges that have kept me from becoming the person I wanted to be. Hypnotherapy has helped me to lose weight, gain confidence in myself and my apprearance. I like the person that I am and I am losing weight because I want to, not because I want to appear more likeable or comfortable around others. I am committed to making healthy decisions for ME. The healthier is become inside and out, the happier I am bovoming andd the more I am enjoying my life. As an added benefit, my aches and pains are almost nonexistent, I no longer require prescriprion meds for blood pressure or chronic pain. I never would have believed that I had the answers and to ability within me all along! Hypnosis gave me permission to be the person I want to be and write the positive programming I want running on auto-pilot in my brain ! Thank you for helping me to get my life and health back ."

I was dealing with diminished zest for life, low self esteem, anxiety and physical exhaution due to dealing with chronic pain and poor diet. I started hypnosis and noticed after the first session that I has a little more energy and felt hope, for the first time in a long tiem, that things could be different. WIthin 4 sessions or so, I could manage my pain levels regardless of where I was. This gave me more freedom to start socializing again, doing more family activites. I continue to receive regular hypnotherapy as I want to build new subconscious associations so that I can contunue to create and live the life I want to live. Oh ya, It has been about 3 months of hypnosis so far, I am a totally different creature than I was when I first started."



"Wow! 2 sessions and my Creative Block has been totally eliminated,and I also have given up social smoking! I have recently noticed amazing things being drawn into my life, thanks to my new way of thinking and interacting with the world around me. My paintings are Amazing and my businessis seeing new levels of success and profitability! A day doesn't go by that I don't use my anchors and my tools to achieve the things I want in my life. Amazing!"

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